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While each and every Seder is unique in its own way, we hope that this year’s Seder will challenge and expand the relevance of the story of the exodus. Rabbi Naftali Citron, who will be leading the Seder, is dedicated to understanding and revealing ancient teachings in a contemporary and meaningful way. The experience will be enriched with traditional songs, as well as the songs of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Your support will help our Shul continue to imbue our community with holiness throughout Pesach and for many more to come. If you would like to help sponsor this year’s sedarim to defray our costs, your contribution is most welcome.

Available Sponsorships:

  • Arba Cosot Sponsorship ($1,000)
  • Afikomen Sponsorship ($500)
  • Hillel Sandwich Sponsorship ($250)
  • Matza Sponsorship ($100)
  • Custom Sponsorships Available As Well

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Afikomen Sponsorship, Arba Cosot Sponsorship, Eliyahu's Cup Sponsorship, Hillel Sandwich Sponsorship, Matza Sponsorship, Custom Donation