Shabbat at The Carlebach Shul

According to halakha, Shabbat is observed from a few minutes before sunset on Friday evening until the appearance of three stars in the sky on Saturday night. Shabbat is ushered in by lighting candles and reciting a blessing. Traditionally, three festive meals are eaten: in the evening, in the morning, and late in the afternoon. The evening meal typically begins with a blessing called kiddush and another blessing recited over two loaves of challah. Shabbat is closed the following evening with a havdalah blessing. Shabbat is a festive day when Jews exercise their freedom from the regular labors of everyday life. It offers an opportunity to contemplate the spiritual aspects of life and to spend time with family.

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Join members of the community for a traditional Shabbat evening services followed by a Shabbat dinner, singing and jewish insight. During dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new and old friends, to speak with our Rabbi Naftali Citron, Members, Board Members and other professional staff.

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